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Inspired by the desire to save the world, Cupffee is the ultimate waste-free edible coffee cup specially crafted to offer coffee companies a sustainable and crunchy alternative to disposable cups.

We are proud to have as visionary partners in this environmental endeavor some of the leading global coffee companies who are committed to making a difference one Cupffee at a time.

With Lavazza onboard, Cupffee is bringing its mission to reduce plastic waste while offering an authentic coffee experience to 18 countries and a number of prominent events such as Wimbledon, at which Giuseppe Lavazza and Queen Elizabeth enjoyed their coffee in Cupffee cups. 

Franck is another significant partner dedicated to green practices and sustainability as one of the most successful Croatian producers and market leaders in the segments of coffee and tea. To commemorate its 130th anniversary, Franck partnered with Cupffee to create a special celebratory mug in honor of the event.

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