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Being innovative and moving the market forward is part of our shared values with our major retail partner Lidl Bulgaria, one of the leading grocery chains in Europe. Cupffee cups has been selling successfully in all Lidl stores in Bulgaria for a year now and we are proud to support our partners in their mission to change people lives for the better while mitigating the negative impact of one-way plastics on our planet.


Driven by its mission for a waste-free future, Cupffee has also partnered with Wisefood GmbH, one of the leading companies for edible tableware in Germany. Thanks to our shared dedication for reducing desposable packaging, now Cupffee is being distributed to a number online customers and events throughtout Germany as part of the Wisefood portfolio of edible products.

Bringing innovative solutions to the market in an effort to change the way we consume is what connected Cupffee with Stroodles, our UK-based partner specializing in biodegradable edible tableware that brings Cupffee closer to all sustainablity-minded customers in England.

Another partner dedicated to the green mission that brings Cupffee the German market is Kulero GmbH who specialize in disposable solutions and edible cutlery that hold environmental protection as a top priority in their operations. 

Cupffee is also being distributed in Israel by our wholesale partner Delifrost who services the catering and food industry in Israel and by Alsaref Company in Libya who aspires to bring innovative and high-quality brands to the largest retail chains and coffee shops in the country.

Dubai is another destination in the Middle East that starts to embrace the sustainablity cause by introducing Cupffee to the UAE market through our partner Foodstuff Trading who is determined to transform consumption habits towards a greener future.


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