Cupffee is a delicious and edible cookie cup that perfectly complements your coffee or dessert. It is 100% vegan, does not alter the taste of your drink, and remains crunchy for over 40 minutes!

Completely Natural & GMO-free
Cupffee is made of natural ingredients only. Combined with an eco-friendly production process, Cupffee is 100% GMO-free with no artificial colorants, sweeteners, or preservatives.

100% vegan
Cupffee contains no ingredients of animal origin, which makes it completely vegan!

Perfect for any hot drink
No drink is too hot for Cupffee, as it can resist liquids of up to 85 degrees.

Long-lasting crispiness
Thanks to its thermal and moisture resistance, Cupffee stays crunchy for at least an hour and would not leak for a full day!

Looks great
Cupffee is neatly suited in a stylish protective carton holder that makes it easy for you to hold the cup without touching its surface. You can even customize it to provide your customers with exclusive experience. And to hold our sustainability promise, we produce the holder from recyclable material.

Sustainable and eco-friendly
Cupffee is completely biodegradable, which makes it the best alternative to any plastic or paper cup. With its unmatched characteristics, Cupffee defines a whole new category of edible and sustainable cups.

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